I am infinitely inspired by images of nature … both pristine and man-made creations, inscribed in the landscape. The nature of Russia is incredibly beautiful and really touches my soul. I adore images of the Russian village — izbenki, rickety fence, hillsides, woods, hills, haystacks… The images of the old nobility of Russia with its gardens and estates beckon me greatly… Laconic solitary temples surrounded by unspoiled nature — images of Orthodox Russia are so inspirational.

It is challenging to reproduce the state of nature as it is more than fleeting, so always interesting. Approaching storm, after the rain, twilight, summer mornings or sunsets, variety of facets of fall and spring – all these are eternal themes that touched many classics of the genre, so as my heart and sould. Working on the landscape painting I got immersed in thoughts about the universe. While trying to convey the state of nature I am reflecting my perception of the world. After all, those views of nature that captivate me are my reflections and while capturing them I reveal my soul.

The genre of the portrait is also very close to me. The tradition of the psychological portrait is close to me and I always strived for. The portrait likeness is not a goal in itself, but an image of the human soul seen through facial expressions, gestures, colors, pose, and composition is important. The totality of artistic expression aimed to decipher the code of the mysterious human soul. I was always interested in psychology and this facet of it, which is applicable in the portrait painting, is a priority for me.